Toca Life: After School App Reviews

Just giving advise

Now i love this game and i love all things toca life but the problem with me is when yall stopped letting us make the food in the toca life stable game and then yall continued it through the next games including toca life after school i was kinda upset becuase in the toca city and toca town and toca farm i loved making the food with all the different ingredients i made the game more fun but other than that i love all these games but can yall please bring back a store for the food so we can put together different dood pieces!! love yall though.


1. Toca mall with floors and shops 2. Toca fish store with fish tanks 3. Make your own people

Toca questions

Ok so I heard about toca WORLD! Awesome sauce! But one question will this be the last Toca life game? And if it is you’re going home with a BANG!💥 I have all the Toca life apps and I never get tired of them I play one and then I leave that one and play another! One thing about Toca world in the city at the hair salon will you be able to change the hairstyles to the hairstyles of the characters that are in other Toca life apps that hairstyles are not on the machine? Also will Toca world make all other Toca life apps obsolete? So if someone starts to get Toca life apps they will only need to get Toca world? I hope you answer my questions:waiting for a developer response 😀

Toca life: zoo

Please make a zoo with zebras,giraffes,elephants,lions,penguins,otters,alligators,pandas,red pandas,bears,deers,turkeys,turtles,gorillas,and more.Also I ❤️the idea of making the apps connect!!! Also the idea of around the world is 😁. Make the apps free please.Please listen to the zoo idea and connecting the apps idea and the free idea. I hope 🤞 you make these. Thank you 🙏 +SLOTHS!!! From, Cameron

I’m disappointed. ;(

I wanted more. Fun cool! But no. It rains Not much to do. What about the hair dye? I have the office game and you just used ketchup! If this doesn’t change I will change it to a one star. I regret it but.. MAKE IT BETTER! Bye.

We need more games!!😁😊

Ok Toca Boca you say you read everything so I have some suggestions. But btw I love toca life so much I’m twelve and I still download them. But you guys should add a Toca Life ice rink. It could be like you could play hockey or figure skate and there could be a zamboni and like there could be professional hockey players and a house then you can add what ever you think would be cool. Please consider my suggestion. From A Toca Gamer

My wish for this game

So the bored game in the 3 floor I wish there was a blue bat and orange bat so I give 1 ⭐️ yeah hope you make that happen🌈

MUST READ (not bad good and for your next game)

Toca I love you guys to the moon and back and as well may I add for you next toca life game you should do like around the world. I hope that’s a good idea 💡 I tried to think like you and I really put my mind on it. And you should make one that can look like Paris, then London,Boston and on from there! And please if you can make a zoo the little kids would love it to! It would mean so Much to me! But don’t take my word for it! Go make kids happy 😊



Really fun

It is really fun except they don’t have a lot of clothes they have dance outfits sport outfits but not really any normal day to day outfits but I’ve been playing it for three days straight and I absolutely love it and I can’t wait for the new Toca life world Please make it free because you could just buy all the other apps and then like have some how to connect them and I know it’s not supposed to be a review that I’m just asking but anyway i recommend this game and it’s fun for all ages and I also recommend their other games

Good idea

Can you make a Toca Life with all the toca life creations together

Great game!

But... please make a dentist map like the hospital one!!!! :3

Toca life zoo

You should make a toca life zoo!

I love Toca Boca❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Toca Boca is the best!!!! It’s just that I wish that there is a new one!!!

Only a few problems..

I love, love, LOVE toca boca life games! I have bought every single one. This one just is not for me, maybe for you just not me :/ I bought this app expecting a lot because of the other games. I like a few aspects of this game, just it doesn’t have a lot to give. I would recommend if you like non-detailing games (games that are fun for a while! Then u run out of role plays) This game has many many great things about it and many hard thing to imagine inside a toca game. Like the art, or the rain. I like this app, but it’s not my favorite :( I wish I could say I loved it but I just don’t. I would recommend Toca Boca Life Office but that’s a different review.. Bye!

I love this but....

Hi! I absolutely LOVE this game. It’s so fun! But I do have a few suggestions. First maybe add some more pets. Second there should be some pjs. Third you should be able to stile the hair. Anyway I love the game💙 Keep up the good work🙂

Fun game!

I love this game! I think it is super fun, but I have a great idea. Toca Boca should add a pool to this game, with a water slide, the pool should have a disco ball above it for totally tubular parties. Don’t forget the bathing suits. The bathing suits could be very trendy and colorful. There could also be a mock tail bar at the pool that servers soda and such or an ice cream stand. In a separate place there could be a secret room, where there is a machine that can make it sunny out. So than the pool could be outdoor, but I think the concept of an indoor pool is pretty cool too. I LOVE Toca Boca games and I have a lot of them. I think you all at Toca Boca are very talented and creative. I can’t wait to see what games come in the future.

Good but needs a little je ne sais pas

I LOVE TOCA BOCA LIFE!!! But I do have some suggestions for this game and future games. First I really hope you update the after school game so that you can go to the train station or on the sidewalk so you can pretend you’re walking over. I really look forward to future games and have some ideas. I think you should make a camp where there’s a house for you to pack, a cabin, a lake, a feild and such. I also think you should make a toca boca life creator where you can make your house and create characters and the entire map! Here are some more ideas that are small: Zoo, Jobs (kinda like office but there’s more jobs to pick from) Road trip, Birthday party, Toy Shop, Movies, Shopping spree, book club... I would carry on but this is getting long... i hope you make these games and make new ones as well

Really Fun. I Have Some Ideas.

I really like this game. And I have some ideas for new games. You make a zoo, a factory, and you could make a Toca Life Mix and Match. It is where you take places and characters from other Toca Life games and put them in one space. Also it would be cool if you did a Toca Life resort. Other than those ideas, I love all of your games. 💗😘


Ok I love this game.Here is a Secret put someone in the stall on the first floor and tap poop button and you can get a hover board.

I love it! I have some suggestions for new toca life 😜

Okay I love everything about this like everything but you should do a fairy tale one Everyone would love that like fairys and mermaids and princesses I'm 12 year old girl And I really like this game! I really do I have every toca life game ever made I started it when I was like 9 I know it's for little kids but I really love it anyway and my first game ever was toca city I still have it today anyway your the best game company because there's no in app perches and don't ever! Change that Please consider my suggestion for a new game Love your biggest fan Lili faith

Suggestions for apps

So this is mainly suggestions, but the is overall good. TO THE SUGGESTIONS! So, I was thinking a Abc learning zombie game! Basically, you find an abandoned town, and you try to clean it up! When you think you are ready, there will be a button that makes zombies come. Then, a keyboard pops up and each zombie has a letter of the alphabet! Then, say a zombie has the letter "h" the player would press the letter on the keyboard to get rid of the zombie! That's just I first ides! To a life Zombie lab! Just a lab with mostly everyone one zombies but a few people are normal. There can be a room that turns people into zombies, and room that turns zombies, into people! These were ideas! Thanks for reading and you time! I would love to see one of these ideas made to games! Like I said this is a fun game to play. Welp, Bye!


Ok so game idea would be toca life build or something. There can be 4 construction sites and you have to build the houses for ur character and this one construction site can be special where u put secrets and stuff like a golden couch hidden somewhere. And you can be a construction worker! And there will be shops and stuff so you can get clothes. And there could be rainbow stacking crates!! and furniture at the furniture store and you select an item furniture when it's big and u pick which house it goes to and you can pick wallpapers and swap things out!! Or u can do a house flip and change things!!! BYEEEE

New game

I have a good idea make a Toca life movie star and yeah please do this I also have another idea to a life spa

I Love It!

I'm 12 years old and still love everything you guys do. Your style is just so cute and I love the diversity you put into these games. For a future game, I would suggest a Toca Life Summer Camp. One location could be a lake with cannoes, another could be a dining hall, another could be a cabin with bunk beds, clothes, and a shower, one could be a forrest with a fire circle and tents, (Kind of like in Toca Town) and there could be a big hall with paintings and instruments and costumes, and outside there's a big flagpole. My other request is that you add more monsters to your games. In Town and City you had a lot of monsters but I feel like there's been less and less. I know you guys are probably already making a game, hence the Toca Mix votes, but this is just a suggestion. Keep it up!

Such a good game

This toca game is my all time favorites and I have all the toca life's and I still think this ones best 😜BTW totally should get it

I’m mad…

I luv ur games and all… but u never actually take suggestions … Everyone wanted toca zoo but u did toca office : Other than that ur doin great- I noticed u haven’t made a life game in a while… plz plz plz make a new one . I have one suggestion but u probably won’t take it : how about toca boca :fairytale, where’s there’s unicorns and castles and parades and COTTON CANDY CLOUDS!! Or maybe toca candy land _ I WILL RATE U ZERO IF U DONT MAKE ANOTHER GAME SOON I MISS UR GAMEZ PLZZ🤯🤯


Hello Toca boca! I have ALL of the “toca boca life” games, I can honestly say that these games are literally the BEST games for kids I’ve ever seen and played , it’s really creative and very open minded! However, your latest game which was toca boca after school, was not as interesting as the other ones, there should have been a variety of things, and more activities! Do not get me wrong , I am a fan and I support these kind of games, I believe it makes a kid smarter and creative. Just something you guys could think of! And by the way, I am waiting eagerly on your next toca boca life game! :) Thank You very much

I love your game

Show make more games Fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun and fun

Please read

Hi! So I know you probably won’t read this or give my an automatic reply but I have an idea: what if you made I Toca Life Mount Everest!!! It would be so cool. I noticed that in toca hospital there is a lot of mountains in the the background. So it gave me the idea of it! You could have a yeti and all the artic animals and there could be a base camp where you have food and supplies. It could be like the mountains have levels with new hidden secrets like caves and hidden snow piles and tents etc. you could also have oxygen masks and hiking backpacks.

Get this game😀

This games awesome get it it only cost$3.99 people I don't understand why people think it's too much money cause this is a great game


I seriously waited until midnight for this to come and I don’t regret it I love the rain ☔️ and the dance club

Want more games

I would like to see new and exciting toca boca games. Like toca boca zoo, hotel, fantasy like unicorns and others. Toca boca water park, summer, driving, and country living, toca boca mansion or being rich, and toca nature where the person of your choice could turn into an animal.

So fun! And a suggestion... Freckle face

I LOVE TOCA BOCA LIFE! But my suggestion is that you should make a house one. With a living room, kitchen, bedrooms, and everything that's in a house! Ps if you DO decide to make a game like this, could you put in a girl with freckles and long brown hair? That would mean a lot to me! Thank you for making these games! Bye bye for now!

Right and wrong

This game is awesome but there are a few kinks let’s start with the positive 2.DJ 3.slothgirl now for the kinks can’t make the pottery I like pottery but you can’t make any 2.farts I don,t like how farts smell they a mix of vomit and garlic yucky,s sitill not toca life city 4. Actual blogers it’s not like i don’t have a problem with bloggers in fact can’t live without them I don’t like their voice lucky your guys can’t talk 5.🐶s why is there a dog in the game is this a giant ad for toca life pets

This is not a review

Hi! Toca Boca I am one of your biggest fans and I have an idea for an app you could make in the future Toca life Marriage you can dress are the characters in wedding dresses and the grooms can be dressed in suits then they can go to a church get married and have the after party eat cake and delicious food and desserts then they can drive away in there lambo to a remarkable honeymoon and if you want you don’t have to use my idea and if you want feel free to do whatever toca life app you want next (sincerely Toca Life fan) P.S please don’t stop making Toca life apps 😊💍

I love your games! But I have a few suggestions...

I love your games and all, but... you need to give more surroundings. Like a home that you can drive a car to and from the activity building with. Or a school down the read with a bus that you can ride. I also have a few game suggestions. You should make a Toca Life: Apartment building with more than one apartment and with a pool. You should also make a Toca Life: Hotel hat has like an amusement park that you can travel to and a airport that connects to the city or town game. And you should connect the first vacation game to it as well. One last gam that you should make is a Toca Life: Preschool and Daycare that you ride the bus to. I hope you like my suggestions and maybe use them!

New game pls

I love this game but it has been a few months since it has come out I think you should a Hollywood, theme park, circus, space ect.


This is an awesome game. The hobbies are so much fun and there are so many cool things to uncover. Please make another game!!!!!!!!

I love this

Ok can you add a. Toca salon please I reallly love these apps I have all the life's


Hi toca,I have a great suggestion Toca Boca cruise or boat u could make a huge house boat or cruise and have plenty of stops on it for example the room where u sleep in restaurants pools and activities that lots of cruise ships have for the house boat u could make a regular city but with cool new outfits and charters but make the city on water I hope u like my suggestions


Ok hold on tho I just remembered why I deleted Toca life town!!! I wanted my character to be a police and I couldn’t change my out fit!!! Toca town has not out fit changes I am frustrated!! But I still love theese apps!!! I have one idea tho I think you should be able to change shoes would if I want to wear heels with my shorts any T-shirt and you could make a whole shoe store!!!

Toca life zoo

I really like this game but we need a toca zoo . Some of the animals could be a giraffe , a rainbow llama , monkeys , and a panda . I think you should let the people in the game ride the animals .

I wish they were free

Hey Toca boca developers! I love your game I have three of them but I really wish the were free so I could have all of them! But I know this may not be possible but I understand you guys make this Games cost money! Just like when people go to work. They need money. I just wish they were free. And I can’t get anymore because my parents won’t let me. :( So that being said I wish they were free. A lover of Toca Boca, a Toca Boca Lover


Omg I am 9 years old and I love Toca boca can you make a toca life rides? Like you have a house and you go to a place with rides? Please?!?!

I love Toca boca

I love the toca life series because they are always different.You can explore and find all the hidden secrets.I think there should be one called toca kingdom with a castle and princes and princesses.Or maybe one that is a zoo!Keep doing what you do to make everyone happy remember to read all your feed back:)

Great Work!

This app is fun! I think toca life Zoo would be great and/or toca life Mall or waterpark! I love toca boca! You are very good at coding and stuff so i hope the comments that are not that mean do not offend you. You are very smart and creative and artistic and people should appreciate that more. I read through the comments and a lot of people want toca life Zoo, not to rush you. On your next game, do not rush, check your work and the app will probably be the best one yet! I appreciate you sooo much! I hope you read this comment and if you did, I hope I made your day a little bit happier! Signed, A sincere Toca Boca Player

Pls toca

Toca pls make another game!!! Plssss!!! I have been waiting for ever so pls make another one

Awww darnit

Won't start I was sooo exited to Play

This game is absolutely amazing!

Hi, I love all of the toca life games! They are really fun. The only thing I think you should change about this game is add more animals. Other than that it is great! My sibling and I love to play these games. We didn’t know where to put this comment so we put it here: we think your next toca life game should be fairytale. Where there is a castle, a dragon’s cave, a magic fairy land and maybe an ocean where there is a mermaid or two + a few other places. Once again this game is awesome. Thank you for making it (my favorite part is the spray paint) bye!

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