Toca Life: After School App Reviews

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Awesome, but just some suggestions

The overall game is amazing as most of your Toca life game are but it was raining and I tried to change the weather but it did not work. Also some of the hidden features where vary difficult to find and yes they should be a little hard to find but I still have not found all of them and I have been looking for three days. Overall this is a pretty good game but these are just some things to think about.

Not hating it!

You guys are very talented and this game is actually really fun. The kids who complain are just getting older so they aren’t using there creativity as much. I think you guys did very well. Thank you very much!

Great but can be better

I love your Toca Life games I have them all but they should be connected. I think that the next one should be all of them combined but there can also be some other things added and when you have more ideas add it in an update or however that works. I would be really cool. Maybe like a zoo and a water park or something like that. Overall they’re amazing but they should all be connected.

Love it!!!!

I love all of your life games but what if you combined them all for a toca life: world. Also please make a summer camp, a cold place, and maybe a zoo. I hope you do these. Oh also a palace. So people could like play selection based off of Keira Cass’s books.

Pls make it so it can be multiplayer!

It would be so cool if you could make this multiplayer! I don’t exactly know how that would work...but all I know that a lot more people would play toca boca! Even if their older then 4 years old I think they would like it! Pls consider making the tour games multiplayer~! Btw I’m 11 and I love your games!

Love it but some suggestions

So i love all the toca life apps they are great but some suggestions 1. Get better clothing i have 2 main people and i want to add one more 2. Add one more place we can go to i have been getting board of just going around the 4 floors 3. Add a cool secret hang out like the one in toca hospital the secret lab maybe a cool fun hangout 4. This suggestion doesn't really go with what i am saying but for the next toca life you should do toca life movie stars that would be soooooooo fun. Hopefully you add these things. P.S lower the price these games are fun in the beginning but than you just get board of the game. If you want feedback here it is please at least lower the price to 1.00 Sincerely someone who wants you to fix this app

Add a character customizer

Toca its a fine app but I think people sometimes want to play your apps more when they find a character they want to be or use that they really like. In all your games why don’t you make an update where you add a room ( like the hair salon in your city app ) where you can customize characters. I would totally play all your Toca Boca Life games more if you added rooms like this in all your apps.

Toca Improve please

Well, so I hate to only give you guys 4 stars but there are no well hidden secrets, no cool dance animations and the rain gives me a headache. I have a suggestion for your app. Why not add a bus stop or a hidden parking lot for skateboarding or a rollerskating rink? Can you make a new game called Toca Zoo???

I ❤️ Toca Boca

I love Toca Boca for many reasons: 1. If you wanted better clothes, they will make better clothes on their NEXT app If you wanted more rooms, they will make more rooms on their NEXT app If you wanted 🐈 🦄 A FLYING CAT UNICORN 🦄 🐈 ( Am I hinting too much on this?) they would probably make one, considering that they are very creative people! I think you should leave a good review ( if you think the app’s good) and just have the recommendations be extra. ( Like me and my wanting of a 🐈 🦄 FLYING CAT UNICORN 🦄 🐈. I’m not going to give one star just because they don’t have something almost unimaginably cute like a 🐈 🦄 FLYING CAT UNICORN 🦄 🐈 . Yeah... that sounds good. So what I’m saying is that the Toca Boca people are really, really awesome and that they’d even give you a 🐈 🦄 FLYING CAT UNICORN🦄 🐈 ( which I want ), or some weird poo dog (which I I do NOT want) , or talking pack of bubble gum (which would be kinda funny if you like, could eat it and then your character’s eyes would go big because it just realized it just ate something still alive ), if you ask! 2. They are really creative! They thought up of a sloth horse in Toca Life stables, a ghost cat in Toca Life pets ( my fave ) and in the most recent app, Toca Life they added A HOVER BOARD UNDER A PORTA POTY. I hope I helped anyone who had unsure feelings about Toca Life or bad thoughts!

🌟new idea🌟

The game was really fun,but there was no storage room and it always rains.The sports area did not have a lot of room to play sports.I also have a new idea for an app.You could create a toca boca mall ,with a food court,shops,and more.You could also create an app called toca factory.You could do a idea room,a building and designing room ,and a buying and shipping room.That is it ,the app was very nice 👍🏻.


I love even now I know Rita’s name 🤖🤖🤖 it’s 😎 I know a new game you can do it’s toca life world where it’s the toca universe in one small app

Soo awsome! But...

I love Toca Life so much, and you made a character that looks just like me in the skate park, but I have a few suggestions. One, maybe you could add another floor, like a floor for games. There could be some video games and consoles, and a foosball table or something. I also have a few suggestions for new games. First, you could make a Toca Life aquarium. There could be different exhibits, and a ticket booth at the beginning. There could be an exhibit for fish, one for reptiles, and the secret could be a prumpet with a sloth fish. There could also be a Toca Life museum that has different pictures and artifacts. There could be an abandoned wearhouse with robbers that want to steal stuff from the museum. I put more suggestions on my review for Toca pets. Please read this, Toca! Keep coding!


I always check the App Store to see if there are any new games and today I saw that there was a new toca game, so I bought it. I saw that it was raining and thought,’finally different weather!’ But when I tried to change it it wouldn’t change. The building is small and very cluttered. I don’t even understand what the point of the statue area is. I like the towels, dance outfits, sports equipment, and all but it’s just not very entertaining or variable. I would suggest an updated school because that version wasn’t very fun. Or a zoo/ amusement park with hotels, water slide, rides, prizes, beach boardwalk, ect. ALSO COULD YOU PLEASE MAKE THE WORLDS CONNECTED! I own all the worlds so if I could just pay about 3-5 dollars for than to be connected that would make me soooo happy! An example is my play house. It’s worlds are connected and if you don’t own them then it sets a boundary where that section starts. Thank you for taking the time to read this. {PLEASE ADD A CONNECTION OR BUT DONT MAKE IT A 20$ PACK } An eleven year old BIG TOCA FAN THANKYOU (sorry about all the uppercase, and the length of this review) And also I was just reading a review written by someone with a name like soy and they mentioned having free play- that would be really fun! It could be ... water slides, hotels, houses!, movie theaters, petting zoos, maybe rollercoasters, and the essential building like police department, grocery store, restaurant, etc. And maybe a celebrity edition with celebrities, and a stage, and filming studio, and theater, and mansion, and even paparazi😛 THANKYOU AGAIN!!! And I know that this app is made for 4-8 year olds but they could probably develops better stories if there was connection for the worlds so that they could use the same characters, but I mean I don’t have a five year olds mine so, do you want want it’s just a suggestion

Great game! Make more!!

I love this game, I love that u can put the towels on them. That’s something I’ve wanted for a long time!! The painting areas are awesome and fun, I love that u can actually frame and print them! I’d really like more toca life’s, I’ve got all the ones that hove been made! But I think a toca castle would be cool, or a toca Hollywood with a tv show set and a place for a news channel to shoot!! Those are just some ideas!! Byeeeee!!

Awesome! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I love the game! What’s really good is that unlike other games, it doesn’t ask you to rate it. It also has many cool features like art and griffiti

Has its ups and downs

Whenever I get a new toca life game, I play it for a few weeks religiously. With this one I feel like I played it a couple times and got bored. I guess I am waiting for something big to happen. I have lots of ideas for a new toca game, even though I am sure you are working on one right now. Towards the end of Toca I would life to have a grand finale type deal. Toca Life: World. it would have all the different Toca Life games and you can travel with different characters into the other toca life games. it’s just an idea and it would be tough, but amazing. So I guess i am just bored with Toca right now, and waiting for something new and improved! otherwise, it’s a fun game! no hate, no shade, hope i didn’t offend anyone 👌😁 Thankyou for your time, so here’s a potato 🥔 Прощай, maddie. (Прощай is goodbye in Russian if you didn’t know)

Read me plz

This game is very cool I like how you now can put real towels on the characters,My I suggest you make toca like lake house or something that involved a pool????

It’s ok

I personally don’t like how it is ALWAYS raining and it’s a bit boring and the dorms are to messy and so much stuff is in the room and why A is there pool stuff in there if there is no pool also can you make a ice rink one because I am a ice skater and I think you can make a super cute costume or I have always wanted all of the life games in one so all the buildings in one game that would be so cool


I love the games but I was thinking that it needs more. I think that there should be a underwater game with mermaids also I think there should be a toca mansion. If you make one of these I would like there to be a blonde hair girl and a brown hair girl for me and my best friend another idea I have is where you can join other people while they play so you can play with friends. The last idea I have is you can customize your own clothing and house like a toca neighborhood. Thank you so much for the games and I would really love to see these ideas in a game.


I love toca life games and I'm so addicted to them there awesome! But I have one suggestion that I think would be great. If you had all the toca life games on your device then you could get another toca life app that connected all of them! There could be a train station that you could send people from one app to another toca life app. There could be a saloon where you could make new characters doing there hair and deciding their age. You could make clothes and then there could be the furniture store where you could design furniture and homes that were within the app where you create people. Let's say you were playing toca school and you sent your people over to this app on the train station well then you could design a home for them and they could stay here and then the next morning or whatever you could transport them back to school!



Love but needs more

Toca studios I think that after school was a great touch to all the games except quite different. I do like how you don’t have to shower with your clothes on and there is a cool board game. But I was only able to find one gem and the little pet animal In the vent has no special trait to it like your others. A cool idea for a new game is maybe Atlantis or underwater. In this you could make it a underwater city and the characters could be mermaids and merman and there could be some scientists in and above ground lab looking for the lost city. Also you feature tridents and make it so you can customize your character like in Toca life city. Another idea for a game could be fairytale or princess. You could feature nights and prince and princess costumes and make a castle with many floors. For fairytale you could make fairy’s kind of like in Toca stable . One more idea is Toca desert where there could be cowboys and Indians. If you like any of my ideas it would be awesome if you turned one of them into a game.

You can do better

In my opinion the game was cool but the other games are a lot more better like toca hospital, toca city, toca stable. If i was you i would put more stuff in the game because is a lot simpler than the other games, i think that $2.99 is to much for the game potencial. Thank for your understanding.

To: toca boca

Hello toca boca I’m Ashley can u guy make a toca life for free so my little sister can play?

Worst one yet

I was not amazed by this app it is boring 🍝👔👎🙀

My review

I love the beautiful way everything is in the Toca universe.This is just a small addition off the universe.


I love the app but i wish you created one called toca creative were there’s like one with mermaids and can change their outfits and their houses will be underwater

New idea’s for the new Toca boca life games

I think there should be an amusement park and space. Maybe like Toca boca life: Amusment Park or Toca Boca life: Space. I think they would be super fun

Add something

I think you should add baby's so you can have them make money by babysitting


I have never rated a toka life less than 4 stars before ( well except for toka town). this game has some interesting touches like the painting or roller skating but everything seems just... just... (how do i fraise this) just rushed. not saying they didn't do a good job but i feel this could be sooooo much better. I know you've probably heard this a million times but what if you combined all the toka apps? like say I had toka farm and toka city and all the others and you signed in to each and put in like username into ( toka world? just saying) and COMBINED IT ALL think how COMPLETELY AWSOME that would be!?!?!!!?! sorry for the long review but I got a lot of opinions ok? -random ten year old fan-

Force closes

Every time I hit to play the app force closes now. I’ve spent a lot of money for these games. A lot I paid twice for from switching from android to iOS. Not happy that my kid can’t play this

It’s good

My little brother and I absolutely love this game. We love all of the new things including the music towel, and other things too! In the future I think it would be kinda cool to be able to join a world with another player in your house or near you. For the next Toca Life I was thinking maybe like a mall or something of that sort. But over all I’m very happy with this game, it’s creative and just great! Keep up the good work Toca Boca

Great app Toca Boca👍

I have always loved the games from the company and I always got them on my LG phone. But then I got an iPhone so now I can’t get any of them back. Then today I remembered about these apps so I got this one today and I love it! I’m sad I don’t have the ones I got on my old phone but I definitely recommend these apps.

More games

I was that you could add an amusement park water park or a zoo

Good idea that you should read

I love toca boca but I think that they should add a summer camp with different cabins and activities

Love this game but...

I love this game and I have all of the toca life stuff but in this game what do the buttons do on the dance floor? Every review I have read in this game has that question. We all want to know plz tell us. And I have an idea, maybe you can make toca New York it would be a great idea. You can have subways 🚊 and it could snow or rain each time a person sleeps you can have restaurants and the twin towers. And you should do toca world with all of the toca life stuff put together and there can be trains to transport the characters to different places like toca life vacation. Sorry for the long review. P.S I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS GAME SOOOO MUCH

More Toca games please

It would be really nice if there were more Toca games. But I was thinking, if the developer or creator made more toca game ideas like, Toca magic: Harry Potter edition, Toca Avengers: infinity war, and Toca Yandere: Featuring Yandere simulator characters. Those are my three suggestions for the maybe going to be added Toca games. Oh, and thank you for reading my review and my idea.

Great, sorta. And some suggestions

Okay this is a cute idea but the rain?? It makes it seem depressing. The entire thing seems so small! But i love your apps so I will keep buying these! 😅 I also have a good idea! Toca Manision! I would play this game everyday! You could make many rooms like the master bedroom, which would have super cool tech. The kitchen, which would when you put two items on the oven, blend them together, and maybe a blender that you could put food in then make a drink, just like in toca kitchen. For the people make like a rich family, a prissy girl, a boy in a sweatshirt with a phone, a baby with a crown and dress, the mom with blond curls, and a dad. You could also have a butler, servants, maids and more! If you came out with this, I would die of happiness!!! Just please do better on your games, this one was just, 👎🏻

🧜🏻‍♀️ Mermaids

Pls make an Atlantis city it I’ll be mermaids and sea creatures there should be one place on the beach 🏖 with regular people and all of the mermaids and mermen should have a necklace you can click and it will turn them into mermaids pls

Amazing! Idea for next toca

All the toca life apps you have should be able to connect. But you have to have them all or at least two. And connecting them are all different ways to get places like boat , airplane , train. And it’s $ 3 . 00. But I love all you toca life’s. Bye bye!

Need new characters

Please make 2 feminist characters in your next game. I think it will be a good way for little girls and little boys to know the importance of excepting everyone. (How to do this is maybe give them a feminist T-shirt or have them next to a spray painted picture with the feminist logo). Also make a Toca water park please and thank you. Good bye and thanks for reading my review.

Best one!!! 😍 Read me🖤🖤🖤🖤

I hate how otherS say it’s the worst one!!! (But I agree it shouldn’t always rain but why does that matter!) and yes I guess it’s the only Toca life I own but my friend has em all and let me play for a while and guess why I got this one, CAUSE IT FUN! I guess it doesn’t have as much as a story about what to do like office or hospital but you have to get creative! I mean I’m 10 and I’m in love with this game! If you aren’t imaginative that you prob wouldn’t like it so then get a diff game but if you love making up tales as much as me (wich is a lotta lotta lot!) than spend those 3 random dollars you found one the street! I mean it’s not like we prefer to pay money over free stuff, BUT Y PPL SAY IT EXPNCIVE!!! It’s 2.99 you get the penny back! ( unless there’s tax...... DONE DONE DON) just have you dada by you some drinks, return the bottles your self, get money (but Incase you were not thirsty just add it some dimes you collect) give u parents money and beg them to buy it ,and wa la! You earned it! Now have a lazy Friday, make up some stories, and if they good sell by the pound! But if you don’t have a divide to buy it on, WAIT THEN HOW ARE YOU READING THIS ARRRRRRRRRRRRRG. SINCERELY, BANDERSNATCH, You have no idea how many times I had to press the space button!!!

I agree, You can do better :)

I like the whole theme, and how it’s different from the other life games, how it rains and how you can paint and play music and do a TON of activities in one game. But let’s face it, we get bored out eventually. I’m really hoping you make a new major update at least once in maybe a few months. Don’t get me wrong - it’s an amazing game, and I don’t wanna disrupt your animating or have you try to make new characters and settings a lot faster, but maybe if you can save more designs and use them for this games. (Sorry idrk how making these games work)


Okay, fo starters, people stop complaining! Toca spends a lot of effort in trying to make these games, and if your saying “ Toca, you can do better” what would you feel? Sad and mad hm? I would like to see all you complainers make all these games, hm? Can’t hm? Well at least Toca gave you these games to be happy, stop complaining and enjoy what you have in life, wrong move and you’ll lose everything. So enjoy this, be happy and give thanks for everything..... Thank you for reading


This was not what I was suspecting it is like negative 10000000000000 stars it is so bad I thought you would have added new features but no its just the same old same old You could have done way better #waste of money

A A+ to you

Good job I love this game! I just want to give you suggestion for upcoming games Toca summer camp, celebrity, connect, and all that jazz! Thanks for everything Toca Boca! Oh also Toca zoo, superheroes and make your own! Thx and sorry mine was so long sorryyyyyyy. :]

Game suggestion!

A Toca Life:Creator would be AMAZING! If we could add our own buildings, decorations, and custom characters, It would be the BEST Toca Life game ever made! You could add Trains busses, cars and other toca vehicles to make a beautiful Toca world of your own! There could even be a coding mode for older kids to learn code. Maybe you could even move the characters individual body parts to make it look like a kick or high-five! I submitted this because I love to build and create worlds on games. And Toca would be perfect to do just that. Sincerely-Your biggest fan ❤️


I know you are probably not going to see this but I think you should connect all the apps. The characters are a problem? Well in toca city you can change people’s looks. Just grab the main characters in all of them and put them in. Or at least put little sections of each app. Ok thanks!

More about toca life medieval

My idea of toca life medieval is have a castle with secret passageways a stable a forest with fairy’s unicorns stuff like the have no mondern clothes have old timey houses have people dressed in the outfits that is how I imagine it but please make a pink room and a girl with tan skin and long brown hair in a pink dress oh and crowns that match the color of the dress thanks! But this is a really good game you could have made it where you change the weather. And made it a couple of buildings. Is it true you read all request if so please respond as soon as possible also make it free for the first two weeks

Little things

Ok first of all there are no bags in the game to put anything in and when I heard there was going to be new toca boca I was so excited I just couldn’t wait and when it came out I was so disappointed but after that I found a cool story to it but later it just got so boring and just please make another one soon because I am one of your biggest fan but not in this game

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