Toca Life: After School App Reviews

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One more thing guys

One more thing guys we need a real school for this to really work . It’s simple . One level one class room , cafeteria, and bath room . I mean why after school if no school ? That’s my idea but it’s your game .

Great but two problems

I love the game and the board from the outhouse. But I have two problems 1:I can’t make videos 2: Needs more stuff for floor 1

A new start

This game is right on top

Dino fan read this pleeeeeaaaaasssseeee

Please do a game called toca Life dinosaurs 🦕 🦖 In it you could be a Dino or a human And in it you could be one of these dinosaurs A T. rex Velociraptor Spinosaurus Brachiosaurus Or mosasaurus And please don’t make the velociraptor have feathers And the dinosaur can lay eggs and you can tap on the eggs to make them hatch And the humans can be based of the characters from fallen kingdom If you don’t make this game I will report you and never play toca life again but if you do I will cry 🤣 happy tears Please make this your latest game Farewell toca

Amusement Park 🎢🎠🎡

I love all your games and I really think that you should make an amusement park. There will be a Ferris Wheel, a haunted house and a bunch of other cool activities like a carrousel and maybe a roller coaster. Also, there should be a food court and a house. 🏡 I think kids would really love ❤️ this app because they can ply their way. Please think about it! Best regards, 😊

A new Toca 🎏🎏🎏🎏

I think the time you make a new Toca life and I think you should make it like in Brazil China or Asia And I love all your either Toca life apps

Pretty darn good👍👍👍

I just LOVE toca boca games and this one is just as good it does not have a lot of store stuff but I still think it’s fun - it’s got a lot of hidden quality’s I really like it !!! Thank you for your time Toca Boca !!

PLEASE READ (will make toca better)

The game was OK but here are some suggestions for all the apps. One for town I think is awesome just add more clothes! As for city (my favorite next to TLV) I think it's awesome just add maybe one more location. Next, school. I think school is fun but it would be nice to have the mountains and that like quad in the center of everything be a location! Them, there's Vacation (my other favorite) I think that that one is awesome just add more clothes! Next farm. Farm is cool in all but it's one of my least favorites along with stables so add what you think might make it better!!! Hospital, I love it! Just add like a house outside of the hospital please! Pets is fun there's just something missing.same for this one (after school). Also I think you should make another toca life called Toce Life: Fairy Tale! It will have princes princesses dragons a castle a dongune all that stuff! That's like my toca life dream!!!!! Please take this in consideration!!!' Thanks for reading!!!! Bye!!!

I love your apps!

I love them all, I think you should do a Toca Boca space next. Where you can go to the moon that has a space station where you can sleep. There can be Aliens/monsters there. There can also be low gravity so if something falls, it falls slowly. It would be so cool if there was a launch pad and a rocket! I love your games, thanks for making them!

Super good

This is a really fun game fo ryokan g and old because you can make fun story’s up and make it your own but the bad thing that it is always rain if there is away to make it stop rain that would be cool This would be cool if you made Carival or even a to a hotel one of those mostly the hotel would be fun and at the hotel you can have a gift shop. And make it really cool

Love your games but

Please for the next update can you guys make it so you can take a character from one toca game and use it in another one also make a summer camp please, like I said I like be your games but when you get one game and play it for a while it gets kinda boring. -GalaxyBear-049

Ok I’m disappointed

I love all your games. I waited so long for a new life game and was thrilled when this one arrived. But after like 5 minutes, I got bored. Yeh. It’s just not fun. There is no special features to it. We you can’t make people physically kick the soccer ball. Or dance. So what’s the point? People say use your imagination but with limited amount of things to do, you really cant. I do have a few suggestions. A Toca life camping. With tents rvs and there can be a pool. Also a Toca travel. Where you can go to London and see the queen. Or. Paris. Or even NYC. this would be so fun.

Roller skates

I love this game but I have a suggestion for a new Game maybe roller derby or something with roller skates I would really like that since I am in a roller derby team I have an other Idea like a roller derby team and the number 14 could be there because that my number but you know roller skates and I love toca:life I have gotten every single one of them so please remember roller derby or roller skates I would love that

When please be soon

When will we get a new life application/app


If you think this will or is a waste of money, you’re wrong! I love this app and think it is great! It is definitely worth getting if you like Toca Boca. KIDS. WILL. LOVE IT!

Fun, but needs more

I love all the other Toca series games, but this one was kind of dissatisfying compared to the other ones you’ve released for the same price. I do think it needs more, but overall a cute game.

Everyone listen up

Toca boca try’s there best and if you can’t expect it then don’t play the games toca boca needs support and ideas not hate reviews and mean comments just give them a chance and be nice I know sometimes they don’t do everything you expect but they try there best so don’t be selfish and rude they can make the games how ever they want so don’t make them fill sad and stressed it’s hard to make games you don’t know how it fills so stop giving them a hard time thank you and please stop goodbye.

There is one big problem

When ever I go into the game but than come out to do other stuff or get off my iPad, I try to get back onto this app. It won’t let me back on and I have to delete it every time I want to play. I love this game and I wish this didn’t happen or I would be on it for hours. This might just be me, but I’m not sure if any other person is experiencing this same bug. -Izzy

New game

I have a good idea make a Toca life movie star and yeah please do this

You should make a new game

You should make a waterpark that’s what I’ve been waiting for so please make it


I love Toca Boca and all but this app felt like a waste of money. I was really eager to see this game hoping it would be better than all the previous games but to my surprise not. Just saying the next app you should do is another hospital maybe a walk in clinic. Or a doctor's office. Just saying for the next app.

Toca boca

Hi I love these games great for my role playing and I wanted to know if you can make a superhero’s game trike toca avengers or toca justice league the super hero teams would be great for a game like the LEGO superhero games on console but to have them on on toca boca would be cool so I could do avengers or justice league on toca boca for replay so for short if you can make a super hero toca boca game please do. I know I have toca life office witch is great but haveing the super hero kids love on a toca boca game would be cool with the super power like Ironman on toca boca with an equitable suit and stuff hike that from:red stone miner

My opinion on toca after school

I am a big fan of your games especially the toca life ones. I have all of them. But I was not as impressed with this one, it is still a cool game but I found it was quite boring. All i thought of it was you could be some kind of hippy and their was barley any places to go or things to do. But that is guest my opinion on this game I still think it was a good idea but it needs more to it.

I have a suggestion...

I love toca boca life and I have some suggestions on new ones, such as, toca space, toca bakery, toca circus, or even toca mall, so please toca boca life makers please take my suggestions and I'm sure they would turn out great!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


I love all of the TOCA life games but I feel that they each are small and have few places to go in the game. Because of this I have come up with an idea.....TOCA LIFE: WORLD!!! You could stick multiple Toca life locations on a map and you could go to whatever location you want to go to!!!


Ok so I AM A HUGE FAN OF TOCA LIFE but I still don’t understand why it’s "After School” but, meh, now EVERYTHING IS SUPER COOL I love what you did with the painting stuff (it’s like the upgraded version of the whiteboard in Toca Life Shool but better XD) I think I have all the Toca Life Games but I don’t know. But thank you as my B-Day soon as I write this I am happy you guys made it. P.s Can you make a huge update no one saw coming P.s.S Can you subscribe to my YouTube channel it is StarSwirl From a Fan and a YOUTUBER

Read this please!!!

I love all these games!!! I just have one suggestion. If you could make it so you can go from one app to another. Example: You could start at the town. Then there could be an arrow to go to school. Then after school you could go to basketball practice in the after school app. It would be nice if you did this and you can have all the characters. Thanks, hope you can make this!

Great game but....

It's a great game but when I updated all my toca boca games I went to play them and everything restarted! I am very mad at that. U need to fix it. I have a really good game going on. Please fix it. Thank u.

App suggestion

This one is great but maybe you can do holiday apps like toca life Halloween or toca life Christmas (Add an option to change to hannukah or something like that so it’s fun for everyone!) And for June you can do toca life pride (LGBT) Or toca life sleepover for funsies (Just some suggestions)

Love this app series! ♥️❤️

This app series is full of fun and creativity! It’s amazing! I love the hidden Easter eggs and everything like that! It’s sooo fun! I might be 11 but, I don’t care. This app is just so fun! I might even play this app series in Highschool! Lol but seriously, I always check this company for new toca life games! And, I have a few ideas for you to add in! -Mystical universe! It would be SOO fun to see mermaids and fairies! -All around the world! Maybe add in a few popular countries to show the cultures! -Into the Future! Like, robots and advance tech! -Game shows! Ya know like, different game shows! -Science! A ton of science stuff! Like, labs, and testing chambers and everything like that! -Mansion! There would be a huge house, and places that have expensive stuff! (A bit too much but, you don’t have to do it) Those are just a few ideas! Hope you will add it to one of your future apps! I’m sure it’ll be amazing! I love your apps!

Great app!

I really like Toca Life: After School. There are a lot of activities to do, and it is a very fun game. I will say that after a while, it does become boring, unlike the other apps. A suggestion: Toca Life Summer Camp! I think that would be a really fun game to play for everyone and it would never get boring. You could have cabins, a campfire, a waterfront, dining hall, and activities. Please consider my idea.

Love this game!!!

I own all the toca life games and they are all really fun! I transition from which one is my fave but I like them all!

A complaint ☹️

So, I love all the toca life games. I love making my own stories and organizing the map. What most annoys me is that if you forget to play it for a while, or you just don't have the time to play, the whole thing just resets! So then I have to put everything back the way it was before. Also, the big update all the games just had, reset EVERYTHING! I was honestly very annoyed and now really don't wanna play them since I have to redo everything. Please fix this. It cost money so it should be better than that. I hope the producers of this game read this and fix it, because I really enjoy making my own stories and stuff like that. Thanks for reading my review and I really do hope you fix this problem. (Also I am taking no hate to this game, I love playing it.)


I love toca boca after school especially all the hidden secrets. I also have a game idea. You could make a toca life kingdom with a castle and a king and queen. You could also add in fairytale creatures like unicorns and fairies. That would be amazing.


I love your apps. I always get all your Toca life apps. I would love it if you made an app that had all the apps combined. Like, the school, the city, the stable, etc. in your stable app there is a car thing that takes the horses to different places in the app. What if you made a train that takes you to different life apps! And if you bought the app that apps simble glows and if u tap on the name of one u haven’t bought yet an advertisement for that app pops up. I hope you read this and I love your apps! I recommend this app.

Can you make this a toca boca game

Please can you make a transport toca boca it would be cool if you like got on a train bus or car and put it in which toca boca game you would like to go to and you would be there it might be a bit hard but you can get it done and make it cost about 5 because I’m a bit mad having to go to one game then like they go on vacation and then I have to switch games and then having to find someone who looks like the person on the other game it’s really hard so please thank you for reading Yours sincerely Jasmine

So amazing!

Your games are so amazing and I don’t know why everyone says you can do better. I love all you toca games and have all of them. ps, I think you should combine all the games together so you can use all the characters and objects, also, you should add extra little things like a park with a fountain, and if you did a secret combination you can unlock a secret city. Also, in the combined games there could be a place where you can make and person animal to thing you want, and it would be like your own toca game, and I think ten dollars would be a reasonable price for all of that. Also, it would be really cool if you could do like a ski resort, or a cruise ship. I love your games, and I have bought all of the toca life ones!!!

Toca boca

Okay toca boca you guys have such kid friendly games yet older people enjoy sometimes too but okay guys your games are SO cool I have bought like most of the toca life but please please PLEASE make more lidfe games and for the millionth time the zoo Idea seriously I can’t even believe you haven’t made that yet like SO many people want it so bad so just I’m begging you toca if you don’t make it me and my friend are just gonna die. Also my friend and I made a suggestion to make a toca life palace. There would be a dining room bedrooms with velvet beds and a garden also a front yard and a street to the little cottage with tons of wild flowers and in the cottage would be an old lady then there could be a butler and a maid also a little market close by. And that’s my idea for a new toca life but always for the billionth time the toca life zoo!!! So if you make that this is what I’ll say 😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😁😁😁😁😁😁 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ okay so if you do one of those suggestions I’ll be just like what is put above ☝️

Listen to your fans ideas!

Ok, this game is good but not what I quite expected, needs more places and a bit more creativity, needs some minor changes, but you should really listen to your fans ideas, here are some of my ideas: Toca life Winter!- You guys in toca life you never did any snow but you did rain so why not snow? Their could be snow tubing or snow skying, and there could be a little cabin house with a fireplace, and a hotel. Toca life cruise- It could be like a huge cruise ship, with lots of rooms to visit like a pool and kitchen and the hotel rooms, with lots of clothing and food, their could be cool cocktails. Toca life Mansion- it could be really cool with lots of rooms, like a huge closet with lots of clothes, and a kitchen with lots of food, and a pool and a garden and an outside fountain, and a huge bedrooms, and a huge bathroom and dining room. Thx for listening to my ideas, this game isn’t bad it just needs improvement. - Loyal TocaBoca fan,buyer,gamer.


You should make toca Boca life. jail or toca Boca life factory and I like all of your games


Don't get me wrong, I love Toca Life games! But there's something bugging me. Toca just updated ALL the Toca Life apps. But it won't let me update them! The only ones they let me update are City and After-School. I would give a 5/5 if you would fix this. Thanks! (PS, don't listen to the haters! This app has a ton of secrets and clothes. It's how they designed it, GUYS. No offense >ω<)

New app suggestions

1. I think there should be multiple houses at least two 2. Clothing stores 3. Hair salon in all of the apps 4. I think A zoo would be nice and aquarium in zoo 5. A Cruise 6. Maybe restaurants 7. Maybe a pool with a house 8. More rooms please 9. I think you should make somewhere we can go hiking 10. Hey pet rescue shelter 11. I think an amusement park would be fun 12. More options on the Televisions 13. Baby room because I don’t like the babies having just a crib randomly placed 14. An ice cream shop 15. Pregnant clothing to all of apps P.s I very much enjoy your apps and they’re very fun even though I am 11 I do enjoy them I hope these are very helpful and please add some specially the house I’m sorry for being a nag


Dear Toca Boca Team, I would like to request some ideas for future games. For future games could you make a aquarium, zoo, and/or a mall? That would be awesome! I would make this five stars and play this game all day if there was a aquarium, zoo, or mall! I mostly want the mall and zoo. Thank you! 😃 Please please please do make at least one of these. Have a nice day!


I am a huge toca life fan so this may be a step down but is still love it!

Great..but I have suggestions

Toca, your games are me and my sisters favorite. This game is great, but we were disappointed about how little hidden stuff and secrets there were. Other than that it was great! And I really don't think MIX is a good idea Other than that your games are great and I really like them

Make a princess toca boca app!!!!!🤴🏼👸🏼

I would pay anything for a princess toca boca app!!!

Coolest game 🤳🏻

Hi! I love your game! I am always searching for more toca life games to explore! That’s why I am suggesting a new one! Maybe a toca life scuba diving game where a character jumps in and you can scroll down in the ocean. Then there could be secret mermaids! A secret place could be a mermaid palace! There could be a bait and tackle shop and a beach house! Another game could be toca zoo where there is different kinds of animals and a truck for transfering animals to different places like in toca life stable! Thanks for reading!

Luv toca

#tocaforever! I love this game and think it’s great In fact, I love all of the toca games and I was wondering if u guys could add a toca world? Where all the toca life games combined r plus a theme park and more and there’s soo muck buildings so u have to swipe to view the rest? I understand if it’s too much work just pls do and keep up the amazing work! Thanks u guys!

Ok hold up a minute, we gotta talk people.

Ok so a lot of people are disappointed with this game, and that they think they wasted their money. Now with that being said that means people aren't truly understanding the meaning of the Toca: life series. The meaning of the Toca: life games is for children to understand life and to explore the unknown. So listen up people that means you need to EXPLORE. Notice the key word EXPLORE, that means you HAVE TO EXPLORE YOUR SURROUNDINGS. Its just that easy! And I know some people a saying there isn't enough clothes, well I know a TON of places where you can find really cool clothes! Like the wardrobe next to the dance studio/room it has cool dance clothes like ballerina outfits and hip hop clothes and the best of all GLOW IN THE DARK OUTFITS!!! Now how cool is that!! (Note there is glow sticks and bracelet in top area of the wardrobe) And there are other clothes as well. I would list all the places you can find cool clothes but that would be an extremely long review so I am not going to do that but anyway what I'm trying to say with this review is that there is more than the eye can see without exploring. So explore before commenting or reviewing and the same goes for everything in life, like THINK BEFORE you SPEAK Signing off this is Toca Gamer and goodbye! A gamer and fan of Toca Boca AB - Toca Gamer

I have a question!

I know u have a lot of toca life games but I have all of them so I’m just asking that.... when r u guys ganna make another toca life of when ur make one and its a work in progress, plz tell me when ur ganna make the new ( or the one ur ganna make soon or later) respond to my review I love the life games so I ho E u guys keep going on this so stay awsome👍😁😁

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